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The usage and buying available products from is automatically considered as an acceptance of the terms and conditions that follow in the next paragraphs. Spykiss SRL is a suplier for the following services that are the subject of these terms and conditions. For using our website, which is administrated by Spykiss SRL, in best ways, it is recommended to read these terms and conditions. Spykiss SRL is assuming the right to be able to do any modifications of these terms and conditions, also website additions and modifications, without a pre-notification to it's users. The website is hosted on Spykiss SRL server. Spykiss SRL can not be withold responsable for errors that can come up because of some modifications, setups, upgrades, etc. Spykiss SRL can not be hold responsible for the content, quality or nature of the web links that come from or to our website. For these web links, the owners take the full responsability.

The products prices are those displayed for each product. Spykiss SRL will be able to do any promotional campaign connected to the displayed products on the website, promotions that will have conditions fully established by Spykiss SRL.

If any of the above conditions will be find null or not-valid, no matter the cause, this condition will not affect the valability for the other conditions. Once a client launch an order and buys a product, he agrees without objectivity the therms and conditions of usage, this beeing the equivalent of a valid contract between client and Spykiss SRL.

Comunications for accessing website, uing it, visiting it, buying products or sending emails adressed to Spykiss SRL, are done electronically, therefore is considered that the user accepts to receive notifications from Spykiss SRL electronically, including emails or website announcements.

The whole content of website, including text, images, graphics, buttons, programs, web design elements, scripts or any other data, is property of Spykiss SRL and/or it's partners and/or it's suppliers and it is protected acording to the copyrights law and the right of intelectual and industrial property laws. The making of (website design) is exclusive property of Spykiss SRL and it's protected acording to the copyrights law and the right of intelectual and industrial property laws. The usage of any of these elements without the written acceptance from Spykiss SRL is punished by the actual laws. All programs used on this website are property of Spykiss SRL and/or it's programming suppliers and are protected by the copyrights law.

Spykiss SRL guarantees the limited acces, for personal interest, on this website and it's not giving the rights to download or modify partially or integral the website, or reproduce partially or integral the website, copy it, sell/resell or exploit the website in any other way, in comercial purpuses or against the interests of Spykiss SRL, without its written acceptance.

Spykiss SRLguarantees limited access for the user, in personal interest and it's not giving the right to download or modify the website partially or completelly, or reproduct partially or completelly the website, copy, sell/resell or exploit the website in any other way, for comercial purposes or against the interest of Spykiss SRL, without it's full written agreement from Spykiss SRL.

The user personal informations can be used by Spykiss SRL and it's suppliers only in the official purpose of this website. The informations from the registration account, also the data from the order page will be used for sending order confirmations, informations about promotions, etc to the user. Personal informations can also be sent to the rightfull authorities that can verify the comercial transactions, or do any justified verifications according to current laws, if this will be asked for legally.

Those who access/visit this website can comment and send us e-cards, suggestions, ideeas, questions or any other informations, as long as the content is not illegal, obscene, threatening, or not disturbing the private life of other people, it's not against the rights of intelectual property, is not containing viruses, commercials, chain letters, mass emails or any other spam. Those who will use a fake email address or will send electronic messages or use any other communication in the name of another person, firm or entity will be sanctioned in conformity with actual laws. Spykiss SRL has the right (but also the obligation) to erase any content like these on the website. Spykiss SRL will not be hold responsible and can not be forced to pay for the damage caused by this kind of communication. In the case of sending or listing some materials/documents, it is considered that the user is giving the rights to Spykiss SRL and it's associates/partners the non-exclusive, unlimited, free, irrevocable and transmissible to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create alternate documents, also the right to present this content worldwide, in any way. It is granting also, to Spykiss SRL and it's associates/partners or to those who are retransmiting the right to license, the right to use the name that you associate to this kind of content. The user also guarantees that has all the rights for the content that it's sending to the website, by any way, so that, by using this content, to not be detrimental to any person. Spykiss SRL is not assuming the responssability for the content of messages/communications printed/sent to an user through the website

Spykiss SRL guarantees the security and confidentiality for the informations hosted and transmited through it's informatic system. Spykiss SRL it's not asuming though the responsability for the loss of informations caused by malfunctions or errors caused by the software that was used to build and host the website and does not guarantee the fact that the website, server/servers or emails sent by don't contain viruses or other damaging parts. Also, Spykiss SRL does not take responsability for the malfunctions that put the hosting server security in danger.

Spykiss SRL will not be hold responsable in case some data are incomplete or not-coordonated with products details, products quality or any other aspects regarding these products. Any complain will be sent to Spykiss SRL on line in maximum 48 hours since products were received, and then the complaint will be send to the supplier for the respective product to find a solution. In case you have problems with purchased products from this website please contact us as soon as possible using the following methods: Email: Our operators will be at your disposal in following working days: Monday untill Friday between 09:00 - 18:00 and will try to offer the best sollutions for your problems. Also, please use the the contacts above in case problems occur when receiving ordered products via email or sms.
LIMITS OF RESPONSABILITY website and the displayed materials are offered as they are and as long they are available. Spykiss SRL will not be hold responsible and does not guarantee express or implicit, in any way, for functionality of the website, for informations or website content, for materials or products available on the website. Spykiss SRL doesn't offer any kind of warranty for the products available on the website. Spykiss SRL will not be hold responsible for any damage, in any way, including, but not limited, any damage caused direct, indirect or accidental.

By using (visiting or comparing products) the website, the user is agreeing that the romanian laws will be above Therms And Conditions and any problem that could appear between user and Spykiss SRL and it's associates/partners/suppliers. In case some conflicts can interfere between Spykiss SRL and it's clients, the first way to solve the problem will be the easy way (amiable). If the easy way will not be possible, the conflict will be solved in court of law, in conformity with the actual romanian laws.
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