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reincarcare cartela vodafone

In order to recharge your Vodafone card, you can choose from following options:

  • dial directly from mobile phone *144*Recharge code#, and then Enter;
  • dial free number 444, select option 2, for "Recharge", and follow instructions of the IVR robot.

  • Customer Care Support:

    • *222 (from menu of the mobile phone);
    • 0372022222 (from other mobile operator networks);
    • +40 372022222 (from roaming, normal fees phone).

    • Express line *555 only for non juridical persons : promotional fees 39 eurocents /call, VAT included

    • Schedule Time (with exception of legal holidays):
    • Monday - Friday: 8:00 and 22:00
    • Saturday - Sunday: 8:00 and 18:00
reincarcare cartela orange
In order to recharge your Orange prepay card:
  • dial number 222, recharge service, and select key 1.

  • *100#, service Self Care, and select option Recharge

  • In both cases you will be asked to insert recharge code (PIN code) received from

  • Customer Care:

    • permanent (24 hours/ 7 days per week)
    • Long access number: +40 0374 300 300 (tarrif to fix numbers Orange according to your package)
    • Access numbers from roaming: +40 021 203 3030 si +40744411411

    How it works:

    • all types of customers will call at 300;
    • Unique number 300 replaces: following numners which customers could call: 411, 456, 444, 408, 202, 499, 440, 410

    Working time for Customer Care for PrePay customers is: monday - sunday, 08:00 - 21:00.
    • In interval 21:00-08:00, customers can call 401, with cost 0,55 euro credit / call
reincarcare cartela orange

You can now recharge a Cartela Telekom Romania Mobile by calling to 0766 135135 from any network , no matter if it is your own card or it belongs to your friends using a Telekom Romania Mobile recharge code!


How can you recharge?

• Call 0766 135135 from any national or international network, even from Roaming.

The calls to 0766 135135 are:

  •  free for Telekom Romania Mobile users (excepting the calls from roaming)
  • charged at standard tariffs when calling from other networks.

• Input the Cartela Telekom Romania Mobile number you want to recharge in the format 076xxxxxxx (eg: 0766123456), followed by the recharging code (16 digits). The recharging code can be found on a Scratch Card or on an Electronic Voucher.

• The recharged number is receiving a notification SMS with recharging details upon successful recharging.


Call 0766 135135 for details!


Other information:
• The values with which you can recharge a Cartela Telekom Romania Mobile by calling to 0766 135135 are the same as the ones used at the standard recharge through Scratch Cards or through Electronic Vochers.
• The recharged amount is added to the existing credit.
• The validity period of the recharged account is given by the maximum between the validity offered by the recharged value and the existing validity of the account (eg: if before the recharge the validity of the recharged account was bigger than it remains unchanged).
• If the recharged account is in the grace period, the validity period is given by the validity period provided by the recharged amount. The grace period follows the validity period until reaching 13 months.

reincarcare zapp orange

To recharge your Zapp NoPay card:

  • dial 1233 and follow instructions;

  • More information about Zapp NoPay you can find by dialing 123 (free of charge call in Zapp network).

    Customer Care Support:

    • 123 (free of charge from mobile phone);
    • 0788.123.123 (normal fee from other national mobile operator networks);
    • Zapp/Services/Support from menu of the mobile GSM phone
    • from roaming +40 21 402 4444 (from abroad Romania)
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