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" - online recharge" - is a system easy to use, secured and fast to recharge all kinds of prepaid cards Vodafone, Orange, Cosmote, Zapp, Click, Nobel, Iristel,Focussat etc

Recharge types of prepay cards:

  • recharge with PIN code - an email or SMS containing recharge PIN code or activation code is delivered ;
  • direct recharge of the phone number - available for rechargeing prepay cards of Vodafone or Orange.

Delivery methodsof the recharge code:

  • e-mail;
  • SMS.
2. How do you use it ?

  • choose the recharging mode (Code Recharging/ Direct Recharging)
  • choose the value you want to recharge by and the way you want to receive payment confirmation (email or SMS)
  • make the payment using your VisaCard or MasterCard bank account and check that you received the credit by SMS or email
3. What do I need to use the system ?

    You need a computer with Internet acces, an email account or a phone number to receive the sms or mail with the recharging code or other information concerning the recharge and of course, enough credit available on your banking card to make the payment.
4. What are the advantages of online recharging ?

    Online recharging is easier to use. You don't need to go to the nearest Vodafone or Orange dealer to make the recharge. Now you can stay at home, in front of the computer and recharge your credit with only a few mouse clicks. Now a simple recharging method for your Vodafone or Orange Card is at hand. Recharge fast, simple and safe: ยท when you want to ยท you can always find recharging cards-there is no limit for the prepaid products ยท find out your PIN fast and safe ยท there is no theft risk ยท you don't loose your recharging cards
5. What happens if I don't receive my credit ?

    Call dealer support service: Phone: +4021.243.34.10 Fax: +4021.242.00.72 Also anytime please use following link in order to check status of your order: Customer Care
6. How safe is Online Charge ?

Now everything is easier and safer as ever ! The technology for securing your data and secure authentification used is called 3D Secure. It is an international sollution integrated in both Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code programs that are the result of more than 7 years of experience in online shopping using a credit card.
7. Personal details/company details have to be inserted again at every transaction?

In the case you create a partner account here: there is no need for you to insert again personal details/company details because those can be saved in your partner interface at Financial Details.
9. Why should I create a user account on
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Here are the advantages of having a user account:
  • save billing details in account
  • save time having a payment process faster without need to insert for every transaction your billing details
  • have access to complete history of transactions made with your account.
  • have the possibility to download invoices in pdf format for every order.
  • have the possibility to reorder previous recharges on the same phone numbers from previous orders.
10. Cancellation procedure in case of chargebacks

Products or services provided by are of 2 main categories:

  • - Recharge with PIN code;
  • - Direct Recharge/Direct Topup of the credit or the option on the provide mobile phone number;

Transactions with PIN code can be cancelled only in the cases in which Service Provider of the service/content (Ex: Vodafone, Orange. Telekom) checked into their databases based on the serial number of the associated PIN code, the fact that the PIN code has not been redeemed and the cancellation procedure it is available only after Service Provider locked the serial number for further usage in the future into their databases.

Transaction based on direct recharges or topups direclty on the phone number provided at the moment of transaction cannot be cancelled/storno because the resources like minutes/SMS/MB of internet traffice were already allocated to the phone number number and there is no cancellation/storno procedure available.

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